Great popularity of beer and it’s consumption in the Czech Republic is also reflected in the number of historic breweries. Some of them can be found right in Prague, and you can tell there is a brewery round the corner also by the wafting smell of malt... Czech restaurant

Velká klášterní restaurace

Located beside the ancient Strahov Monastery and very close to Prague Castle, Velká klášterní restaurace is a renowned restaurant serving traditional Czech dishes and international cuisine. Czech restaurant

U pavouka Tavern

Near Old Town Square you will find an authentic medieval tavern where you can try caletky and much more... Czech restaurant

Rio's Vyšehrad

You will find this stylish French restaurant in Vyšehrad in the good company of famous historical monuments... Czech restaurant

U Modré kachničky

A restaurant serving top-class Czech cuisine, whose head chef even cooked for the King of Sweden, where you can truly indulge yourself... Czech restaurant

Restaurant U Černého slunce

At the U Černého slunce restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Czech cooking, fine Moravian wine, and the famous Pilsner Urquell beer... Czech restaurant

Restaurant U Českých pánů

Restaurant "U Českých pánů” is located in the cellar of a historical building situated on the original foundations... Czech restaurant

Restaurant Potrefená husa Hybernská

The establishment "Potrefená husa Hybernská” is the twenty-fifth restaurant opened within the Staropramen Breweries chain... Czech restaurant

Kolkovna Savarin

When visiting Kolkovna Savarin restaurant you will enjoy the peace and quiet that are created by kind and first-class service.. Czech restaurant

Kolkovna Celnice

The building of the current Kolkovna Celnice Restaurant was used in 19th century as customs office and even former officials... Czech restaurant

U krále Brabantského

This is a tavern where Rudolphine alchemists, Jan Mydlář the executioner, Mozart and Jaroslav Hašek tippled as well as crooks and swindlers... Czech restaurant

U Zlaté konvice

Every evening you can come to this restaurant to listen to Old Prague and Old Czech songs when the restaurant offers live music performances... Czech restaurant

La Republica

This restaurant is in the style of the First Republic and enjoys primacy due to its highest bar – it is 6 metres high... Czech restaurant

King Solomon

This restaurant located in the very heart of Jewish Prague was established in order to provide service and products of the highest quality possible...m srdci židovské Prahy, která byla založena za účelem poskytování služeb a výrobků... Kosher

U Marčanů

Restaurant U Marčanů has always been a centre of popular folk entertainment. The building in which this restaurant is located has been used... Folklor

Folklore Garden

Only in the restaurant Folklore Garden can you experience a traditional Czech folklore evening as well as a delicious dinner... Folklor

U Housliček

This Old Czech restaurant in the style of Czech folk Art Nouveau is a place for both festive occasions and everyday meals... Folklor

Ambiente Pasta Fresca

In restaurant Pasta Fresca, which is part of Ambiente Restaurant chain, you can enjoy a truly gastronomic experience... Italian restaurant

Oliva Verde

This restaurant specialized in Italian cuisine, set in an extraordinary environment of a Gothic building from 13th century... Italian restaurant

Buddha Bar

With the current pan-Asian cuisine, exotic world music, elegant personnel and rich interior you will be taken away from the Czech classics.... Latino/Exotika

El Emir

The atmosphere of the Orient will be created by both the oriental interior and the food itself.Lebanese menu offers more than 80 kinds of mezze... Latino/Exotika

El toro negro

Steak bar El toro negro is ingeniously located in the oldest part of Prague within the archway on the Old Town Square opposite the Astronomical Clock... Latino/Exotika

Brasileiro U Radnice

You can enjoy culinary experience in Brazilian style in restaurant Brasileiro U Radnicewhich is, together with Pasta Fresca restaurant... Latino/Exotika

La Bodeguita Del Medio

Here you can enjoy gastronomic specialities and wash them down with a Cuban cocktail while listening to the rhythm of hot salsa music... Latino/Exotika

La Casa Argentina

If you come visit this restaurant you will be amazed by the astonishing interior. The restaurant will take you, thanks to its interior design... Latino/Exotika

French restaurant Art Noveau

French restaurant Art Noveau spreads on the entire right side of the northern wing of Municipal House, the respectable symbol of the Czech culture... French restaurant

Céleste Ginger & Fred Restaurant

When you visit restaurant Céleste you can enjoy quality culinary arts, have a full view of Prague and have a look at the interiors of a very unique Dancing House... French restaurant

Café Slavia

This is one of the most famous Prague cafés located on the right bank of the Vltava River on the corner of Národní třída and Smetana... Cafes

Café Obecní dům

This is a renowned café which was made particularly famous at the times of artistic avant-garde... Cafes

Café Mozart

This is a restaurant café for both a romantic coffee date as well as a stop for a good lunch or dinner... Cafes

T.G.I. Friday´s

This is an iconic cocktail bar and an American restaurant. In Prague you can already find three branches where you can have... American restaurant

Restaurant Parnas

A visit to a luxurious Restaurant Parnas will be pleasant for both the eye and the tongue.The restaurant is located on the ground floor... Luxury restaurant


Original design, top notch culinary art in the very heart of Prague and a place of traditional as well as modern trends – that all is combined in the restaurant Bellevue... Luxury restaurant


Perfection and sophistication of every detail, the latest culinary trends and methods, elegant modern Czech cuisine menu, unforgettable design and beautiful view... Luxury restaurant

Kampa Park

This restaurant is one of the first-class Kampa Group restaurants which also include Hergetova Cihelna... Luxury restaurant

Hergetova Cihelna

Together with Kampa Park, this is yet another first class restaurant from the Kampa Group. It is a lively, stylish restaurant full of ideas and interesting food concepts... Luxury restaurant

Žofín Garden

The whole summer here is spent outdoors in a green oasis of peace. It is on Slovanský Island on the Vltava River in enchanting environment of the roofed outdoor restaurant... Luxury restaurant

V Zátiší

In this restaurant you can peek through a window to see how culinary delicacies are made. The restaurant itself can be used to conclude an important business... Luxury restaurant

U Prince

Tavern U Prince is quite famous and has been there for nearly 100 years. And even the present restaurant area and the menu itself continue this tradition... Luxury restaurant

Pálffy Palác

On the second floor of the Pálffy Palace you can find a restaurant that has been there since 1994 and which is known for its charming interior... Luxury restaurant

Americký bar

The oldest bar in Prague and the second oldest bar in Europe can be found in the Municipal House... American bar

Středověká krčma Dětenice

You’ll feel the medieval ambience as soon as you walk through the door. You’re bound to love this place. We also recommend

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