Railway Bridge

The Railway Bridge at Vyšehrad is one of two railway bridges in Prague. It is the fourth bridge in Prague downstream...

Jirásek Bridge

Jirásek Bridge is the sixth bridge over the Vltava River in Prague. It was constructed because the connection by Palacký Bridge was no longer sufficient to the emerging industrial Smíchov...

Palacký Bridge

Palacký Bridge is the fifth bridge the river, the third oldest and the third stone bridge in the entire Prague...

Bridge of Legions

The Bridge of the Legions is the seventh bridge on the Vltava River It connects the Shooters Island with the Smetana and Masaryk Embankment...

Charles Bridge

The oldest surviving stone bridge in Prague and the second oldest in the Czech Republic is the Gothic Charles Bridge...

Mánes Bridge

Mánes Bridge was built on the site of the historic ferry to the fishing village, which later became an iron suspension pedestrian bridge that connected the Old Town and the Lesser Town Klárov...

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