The Hunger Wall is called the marl rampart, which was built in Prague's Petřín district. Its construction was ordered by Czech King Charles IV in 1360 – 1362.

The reason for its construction was to strengthen the fortifications of Prague Castle and the Lesser Side against attack from the west and south sides. Originally, the rampart had battlements and a walkway, embrasures and several bastions. One of them became the basis for today's main dome, Štefánik's Observatory.

At the time of its inception, the wall measured approximately 4 m in height and 1.8 m in width. The Hunger Wall leads from Újezd ​​via Strahov up to Hradčany. During the following centuries, the wall was several times repaired and fortified. In the 20th century, several passages were broken through the wall and later re-bricked.

Interesting fact:

The wall gained the moniker Hunger because according to legend, Charles IV ordered it built in order to bring sustenance to the poor during a famine in 1361. But the truth is that the famine broke out after construction began. The poor certainly worked on the wall, but the intention to build the wall was more strategic.

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