Dresden and Zwinger Gallery

Dresden, the capital city of Saxony, is just 150 kilometres from Prague. It has over half a million inhabitants and is well worth exploring.

In this remarkable city, dubbed the Florence of the Elbe, you can see a collection of Baroque buildings known as the Zwinger, which houses a picture gallery. Its diverse collections include Raphael's Sistine Madonna and many other masters from the 14th to 17th centuries.

On a tour on foot around the town the Taschenbergpalais, Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, known as the Hofkirche, are recommended. The Saxon State Opera (Semperoper) and the famous Frauenkirche, a Protestant church unusual square floor plan, are also key sights.

Dresden is also known for world-famous museums and the Panometer, with a monumental 360° panoramic painting depicting Dresden in 1756.

Don’t forget your passport!

Duration: 11 hours

Transportation: By coach and on foot

Info:The price includes coach, guide and admission.

Group price: price on request

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