The Gothic Špička (Peak) Gate is on Vyšehrad, which forms part of the historic fortifications. Between 1348 and 1350 Charles IV had new fortifications built with battlements, towers and two gates.

One of them was the Gothic Špička Gate, some parts of which have survived to this day. At the time of its creation it was a very massive gate, in many ways far beyond its time. It was demolished in the mid-17th century and only the foundations of the right pillar were preserved. The gate was reconstructed in 1903 according to historical sources by the architect Antonín Wiehl.

Today it contains the information centre of the National Cultural Monument of Vyšehrad, along with a small café.

Interesting fact:

The Mirror Maze building at Petřín is a replica of the historic Vyšehrad Špička Gate. This building was commissioned by the Czech Hiking Club as a pavilion for the Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. The building was then subsequently dismantled and relocated to Petřín.

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