Prague Sights

Gates and Fortresses

In Prague you will find dozens of historic gates adorning aristocratic residences. Some of them are also part of the historic city walls and fortifications that have been preserved...


Prague offers an impressive number of theaters and theater stages. Among the most famous from the historical and cultural point of view is surely the National Theatre, whose magnigicent building can’t be overlooked...


Prague is a great textbook of historical styles in one place. Illustratrative of varied artistic development are all the historic buildings that have been preserved since the Middle Ages...

Galleries and Exhibitions

In Prague we would certainly count dozens of galleries and exhibition halls. The exhibitions go through the centuries as well as art movements and styles. In Prague there is art for the lovers of old masters as well as for those fond of modern art movements...


Prague's history is closely interwoven with the history of the castles, which are located on its territory. We will introduce in particular the most famous of them, the Prague Castle, but we will also explore further, for example, the legendary Vyšehrad fortress...

Observatories and Planetariums

An interesting place to visit can be one of Prague's planetarium or observatory. They offer not only  tours for schools, but also interactive exhibitions and projections that engage the general public...


Monasteries played a major role not only in the Middle Ages, when they enjoyed great attention and respect, but also in modern times when they were turned into libraries to retain valuable collections...

Concert Halls

To music lovers Prague offers countless concert halls and other music scenes. One of the most famous is certainly the Rudolfinum, in which the famous Prague Spring festival traditionally takes place...


Although at first glance they aren‘t always easily recognizable, in Prague there still can be found preserved mills, which played a significant economic role in the Middle Ages and Early Modern time...


Bridges arching the Vltava River in Prague not only serve as an important transport function, but also have the most interesting history and great artistic value. The most famous of them is the Charles Bridge...

Technical Monuments

Noteworthy in Prague is also a wide range of different technical monuments. We can admire some of them as historical exhibits, others still perform their function, for example, the lock chambers on the Vltava River...

Towers and Lookouts

Prague is often referred to as the "city of hundred spires". Just take a look around the city from one of the towers or lookouts and this nickname will appear as more than justified...

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