Lesser Town Water Tower

It got the name Petržilkovská after the local miller, Jan Petržilka, the owner of the Kartouzský mill, which previously stood on the sight. The stone tower replaced the wooden one in the years 1561-1562, and that one supplied water from the Vltava to the entire Malá Strana (Lesser Town). It received it's Renaissance style after the repairs in the 17th century, which were made  by the famous architect Carlo Lurago.

It served its purpose until 1886, after that the tower functioned in other ways. For example, as a club house for the well-known scout assosiation Foglar's Two. It also housed the waterman brigade.

Between 1987-88 the tower has undergone refurbishment and was connected to an adjacent building with a glass walkway. Offices were built here and also a lift for one person. The portal of red marble is no longer in use. The individual floors are connected by a spindle staircase from which  entrances lead to separate rooms. Today, the building houses the Association for Water Development and Construction.

Interesting fact:

With its 34 m the Petržilkovská Water Tower is the shortest water tower in Prague.

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